Hairy Maclary and Friends


Out of the gate and off for a walk, went Hairy Maclary from

Donaldson’s Dairy


Hairy Maclary & Friends will be visiting Hong Kong and Singapore in January!

Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts: 18th – 21st January

Singapore KC Arts Centre: 26th – 28th January

Hairy Maclary

Bottomley Potts


Fans of the storybooks cannot fail to enjoy this performance and every child should see this – One 4 Review*****

Hercules MorseScarfaceSchnitzel Von Krumm

This hugely popular show is packed with live music, singing, colourful costumes and six of your favourite Hairy Maclary stories. Sing along and do the actions with all the characters.  Hairy Maclary & Friends is a family  treat – you’d be barking mad to miss it!

Zachary Quack


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